Monday, August 7, 2017

Terry Francona 'Mildly Offended' By Sox 2007 Fete Snub

(Getty Images)
These days, it seems everybody is offended by something. From campus snowflakes stressed out by imagined "micro-aggressions" to professional athletes miffed by broadcaster criticisms, we are a nation of nattering nabobs (with apologies to late Vice President Spiro Agnew). So, we probably should not be too surprised that former Red Sox manager Terry Francona was "mildly offended" when the team didn't wait one day for his arrival in Boston before the 2007 World Series Celebration last Sunday. Now, to be truthful, Tito does have a point. The Tribe were in town for a series the next day—and yet the NOG (New Ownership Group) didn't give him the courtesy of being part of the festivities. Cheap shot, for sure—but at least Terry was only "mildly" upset. That's progress.