Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Late-Inning Prowess Of New Red Sox OF Rajai Davis

Everyone in The Nation is scurrying to find out important little nuggets on new Red Sox OF Rajai Davis. One of the most intriguing facts is his penchant for doing good stuff late. We all know about last year's eighth-inning HR off Aroldis Chapman that tied World Series Game 7 at 6-6. But there's even more from last year! At the advanced age of 35, Davis led the the majors with seven steals in the ninth inning. In another interesting fact, he led the American League (and tied for second in the majors) with 13 steals of third base—something that should fit in well with the style of The Flyng Farrells. Overall, Davis is a career .264 hitter with 391 stolen bases over 12 MLB seasons. His career -high in steals was 50—in 2010, during his first stint as a member of the Oakland A's. Batting-average-wise, his best season was 2009, when he hit .305 in 125 games for the A's.