Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Abuse Allegations Against Ex-Sox Employee Re-Surface

Don Fitzpatrick
Almost six years ago, in December of 2011, FenwayNation wrote about the sex abuse allegations lodged at former Red Sox clubhouse manager Don Fitzpatrick. At the time, two more men had come forward claiming Fitzpatrick sexually abused them—this time at Fenway Park. When the allegations first came to light in 1991, then-team-owner Jean Yawkey paid Fitzpatrick what amounted to a $100,000 'golden parachute' as he left the organization. He died in 2005 without ever having been fully prosecuted for the alleged crimes—although in 2002 he was convicted of "attempted" sexual battery. The Red Sox then "settled" claims with seven of the men who alleged the abuse. Most of the alleged assaults are said to have taken place at the former Spring Training home of the Red Sox in Winter Haven, Florida. These events are now re-surfacing—in stories by Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports and Alex Reimer of WEEI.com. Coming on the heels of the effort to re-name Yawkey Way because of Thomas A. Yawkey's bigoted views, the renewed light on these activities raises the question of whether the Yawkeys also covered-up for a sexual abuser in their long-time employ. Not a good week for the Red Sox brand, to say the least.