Wednesday, August 2, 2017

'President' Kennedy Moved Up To CEO Of The Red Sox

Sam Kennedy
It's positively Camelot on Yawkey Way these days. The NOG (New Ownership Group) today announced that current team President Sam Kennedy has been elevated to the title of Chief Executive Officer of the Red Sox and Fenway Sports Management. The new title carries with it an extension of his current contract. Kennedy—who is a genuinely good guy—has been employed by the NOG since 2002 in various capacities. Team Chairman Tom "I Brought You Both Roseanne Barr And Bill Cosby" Werner stated, "John [Henry] and I are impressed with the direction and values he has set forth for our club, and look forward to having him continue to build on our collective vision to reach younger fans and create a welcoming environment for our entire community in the ballpark and within our front office." Congrats to Sam.