Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Fifteen Years Ago, We Reported On A Johnny Damon Gift

Our Homepage In August Of 2002
Believe it or not, this is FenwayNation's 18th season covering The Carmine Hose. Fifteen years ago this month (August of 2002), we looked a lot different—but we still had a penchant for quirky, out-of-the-mainstream pieces of Sox-related news. Case in point: we passed on word of Johnny Damon's nice gesture toward legendary WBZ radio correspondent Jonny Miller. The blurb, titled "Good Will Shopping", cited Miller asking Damon (tongue-in-cheek) to pick him up a sweater when he attended a kid's literacy event at the Chestnut Hill Mall. Of course, the wacky Damon, actually did buy Miller the sweater. Nice story. Were we really that innocent back then? You can check out the full August 2002 page HERE.