Thursday, August 3, 2017

On Tom Brady's 40th, A Baseball 'What Could Have Been'

As he celebrates his 40th birthday, Tom Brady might look back wistfully at what might have been a successful baseball career 22 years ago. Back in 1995, the then-Montreal Expos (currently the Washington Nationals) drafted the young catcher in the 18th round. Brady had been a standout left-hand hitting High School catcher in California—and might have actually had a career as a backstop. Probably not with the MLB equivalent of five World Championships and 12 Pro Bowl appearances that he has as an NFL legend—but still, he could have had David Ortiz-like staying power. Just think, he'd be suiting-up right next to Bryce Harper in the Nats clubhouse. In any event, we in New England are obviously very lucky to have had TB12 celebrate 18 birthdays as a member of the Patriots. As much as we love baseball, we're glad he chose pigskin over horsehide.