Friday, August 25, 2017

Is Chris Sale Tipping His Pitches To The Tribe Hitters?

When uncharacteristic events take place—like Chris Sale getting shelled or the Falcons holding a lead—you have to wonder. So, it's not really nutty to think Sale may be tipping his pitches—particular to the Indians who have creamed him both times he's faced them this season. Sean McAdam (you remember him, right?) now of some publication called, asked the Sox ace about the possibility after last night's meltdown. Said Sale, "You’d think that, with the way they’ve hit me. I haven’t found anything, but it’s something we’re going to look at on video. It might be something simple, like (pitch) sequencing. But it’s something we’ll definitely take a look at." Hmm. Remember that Justin Verlander wondered about tipping pitches to The Tribe as well, when he was creamed earlier this season. Makes you think.