Monday, July 24, 2017

Red Sox Throw WEEI Broadcast Partner Under The Bus

Say what you will about WEEI's Kirk Minihane—when he's right, he's right. This morning, the Kirk and Callahan Morning Show host blasted the Red Sox organization for—essentially—abandoning their broadcast partner after a scathing article on the website The article—authored by Britni De La Cretaz—paints a broad-brush of alleged racism on WEEI, its listeners, the Red Sox organization, its fans, the city of Boston, and its citizens. The article is a shameful example of over-generalization—typical of this era of "safe spaces" and "micro-aggressions". But almost worse is the fact that the Red Sox responded to the article with this from Zineb Curran, senior director of corporate communications: "None of the opinions or sentiments expressed on WEEI or any of the 57 radio affiliates throughout New England are those of the Boston Red Sox. We understand the frustration of those who feel the opinions expressed are offensive and out of line. At times, we feel the same way." What!? All of the besmirched parties in the Digg article deserve an apology, and they also deserve support from the Red Sox—not the knee-jerk PC garbage they spewed.