Thursday, July 13, 2017

Red Sox Are Most Costly MLB Team For Family Of Three

According to a Team Marketing Report survey on, it costs nearly $300 for a family of four to attend one Red Sox game—including three tickets and all the extras (parking, a soda, two beers and three hot dogs). That's the costliest outing in all of MLB. Moreover, it takes that family an average of 6.5 hours of work to pay for the extravagance of heading to Fenway Park for one single game. That's the third highest number of work hours—behind only The Evil Ones and the Cubbies. By comparison, a family in Oakland needs to work only 3.2 hours to take in an A's game at the plush, but not overly ostentatious Coliseum. Interesting, isn't it, that John Henry's MLB investment is now worth $2.7 billion, but his fanbase is still being soaked? Nice.