Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kirk Minihane's 'Non-Suspension' Suspension From 'EEI

In the bizarro-world that is the Red Sox organization, criticism is apparently unacceptable. If you're NESN color analyst and MLB Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley, honesty gets you publicly dissed by a bunch of spoiled, over-paid jocks on an airplane. If you're WEEI morning host Kirk Minihane, calling out the NOG (New Ownership Group) for being pandering, politically-correct wusses is punishable by an "extended vacation" from the airwaves (Editor's Note: in the non-bizarro world that the rest of us live in that translates to a suspension). WEEI pays the Red Sox millions for the right to be the team's "flagship" radio station—but the team doesn't own WEEI. And yet, the station's management apparently felt the need to buckle under to pressure and send Minihane on his "vacation". Spineless!