Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Eduardo Núñez Will Likely Pepper The Green Monster

Based on the historical spray charts of Eduardo Núñez's career, he is a pretty 'pull-happy' hitter—at least when it comes to HRs (displayed as "black dots"). A quick look shows that pretty much every home run he has ever hit has been to left field or left-center-field. Whether he "elevates" the ball enough for these hits to result in HRs at Fenway Park is another issue entirely. Lots of right-handed hitters have seen laser shots die the painful death of "long singles" off the Green Monster—shots that would have easily been HRs in almost any other ballpark in MLB. He does seem to have a history of being a "line-drive" hitter as well—displayed as the "red dots" on the spray chart. In any event, it will be good to get a solid right-handed bat in the order for this (of late) feckless offense. As our President has said on another matter entirely: "Time will tell, time will tell." Yup.