Friday, June 9, 2017

Muddy Chicken Helped Benny Ballgame Adapt To Bigs

Benny, Pedey (Getty Images)
When Andrew Benintendi came up to the big club last August, he was a bit overwhelmed. After living in Boston hotels for a short time, a Red Sox veteran reached out to him to stay at his house. That veteran was Dustin Pedroia. According to's Jesse Spector, that "normal" home life really helped the rookie. Said Benintendi, "I learned a lot on how to deal with things - maintaining your strength and stuff like that, more so than learning new things about baseball. He's got a good mind, and I'd just try to pick it on everything." The 22-year old is settling in nicely to be a key member of The Carmine Hose. After a minor struggle with a slump earlier this season, he seems to be back on track. Thanks, in no small part, to The Laser Show.