Friday, June 9, 2017

Clueless NESN Clutters Screen, Still No "SuperSloMo"

Maybe—as we've long suspected—it's because none of the NOG (New Ownership Group) principals is from here. What other possible reason could there be for ClutterGate—the incredibly stupid shrinkage of their Sox telecast screen with garbage-laden sidebars? This, from the only major regional sports network that does not have a SuperSloMo replay capability. What are these bozos thinking? Predictably, Twitter went bananas with negative commentary all night long. It's bad enough that Dave O'Brien and Jerry Remy have to "pop-in" with annoying 'ad copy reads' every five seconds, now this? Earth to NESN—hire some locals! You know, people who grew up within Route 495 and know what we like and don't like? Geez!