Thursday, June 8, 2017

David Price, Foolishly, Goes To War With Boston Media

(Getty Images)
On the eve of his start tonight, Red Sox pitcher David Price blew up at the team's "beat" media corp—banning any further one-on-one "personal" interviews. From this point forward, Price will only speak to reporters en masse on days he pitches. Reportedly, after a touchy encounter with a Boston Herald reporter, Price yelled the following for all to hear, "Write whatever the (expletive) you want. Just write it. Whatever the (expletive) you want. (Expletive) them! (Expletive) them all. All of (the media)." Nice. What all of this looks like is a spoiled, uber-rich athlete—pampered his entire life by sycophants—who can't take the heat in a major market like Boston. Not a good look. Maybe he feels guilty that he's collecting $217 million from the Red Sox—with his performance falling far short of what that salary should reasonably portend. Price's behavior did not help him in his relationship with the team, the city or the fans. Does the phrase "2018 opt-out" ring a bell?