Friday, May 19, 2017

Red Sox Partner With California-Based Wine Company

In the NOG's (New Ownership Group) never-ending quest to squeeze every last buck out of the Red Sox brand, they have now partnered with a wine company. But, of course, given the over-the-top political correctness of the NOG, it is a "clean" wine company that offers "low-calorie" booze. The team announced the three-year deal with a California-based wine company called FitVine. But, just to let us all know how "foo-foo" the NOG truly is, they quickly pointed out that the two founders of FitVine are originally from Massachusetts—"and still reside there part of the year". Two guesses as to which part of the year and which of the two off-shore islands is involved. Too bad the Red Sox owners weren't also "local". In a very non-politically correct angle, the company will host wine tastings at Red Sox Women's Fantasy Camp. Who was the PR genius who came up with that one? Anyway, we can all now guzzle down a wine we know is an official partner of the Red Sox. Whoop-De-Doo!