Sunday, May 14, 2017

Red Sox Have Chance To Become Tenth 20-Win Ballclub

As up and down as the Red Sox season has been, a win on Mother's Day (weather permitting) would make them just the tenth MLB team to notch twenty wins. Being three games over .500 is not anything to write home about—in fact a 20-17 record would project to just 86 wins—but it looks like the AL East race will be a tight one right down to the end. Unfortunately, other than stud ace Chris Sale, only Eduardo Rodriguez is showing any signs of being reliable. And, does anyone think a returning David Price (maybe in early June) is going to be un-hittable right away? Not bloody likely. So, it will still be a long slog for this very imperfect team, but a win on this special day would put them—at least temporarily— in the "pink".