Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Showalter Hints That Red Sox Are Milking Flu Issues

Showalter At Fenway In 2016 (Getty Images)
Hey, what do you expect from a guy who used to manage The Bronx Embalmers? Current Orioles manager Buck Showalter—who never misses a chance to shank the Red Sox—is basically suggesting that the team is milking its recent flu epidemic. Said 'Uncle Buck', "I don't know where we are with the flu today...Everybody in the league has had that issue. I've had it and it's a different strain, I'll tell you. It lingers for a long time. Some of them seem to be a little more noteworthy, it seems like, but our guys have fought their way through it. I know we've got a lot of guys that aren't 100 percent with it, but so do a lot of clubs. So nobody really wants to hear somebody else complain about it. Our guys have done a good job not broadcasting it to the world." [EMPHASIS ADDED]. Remember Showalter's 2014 comments that—after John Lackey raised Nelson Cruz's steroid suspension—Boston should "check their own backyard"? A not-so-subtle swipe at David Ortiz—who, unlike Cruz—never tested positive in an official MLB drug test. There's no question that Showalter is a terrific manager, but he's also a bomb-thrower. He should stick to his "Xs" and "Os".