Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Red Sox Have The Fifth Best Record Over Last Decade

In 2007, your Boston Red Sox won the World Series in a sweep of the Colorado Rockies. For you trivia buffs, the guy who whiffed to end that world Series—Seth Smith—also whiffed against the Sox last night as a member of the Orioles. Anyway, has compiled an interesting list that tracks each MLB team's record over the last ten years. The Carmine Hose come in fifth out of thirty—with 873-747 record (a .539 winning percentage). Actually, that's a pretty darned good ranking, considering that in three of the last five seasons, they finished dead last in the AL East.  In addition to the 2007 ring, The Bearded Brothers, of course, snared another one in 2013. Sadly, topping the list are The Bronx Embalmers (.564 winning percentage), while the worst team of the last decade was the Houston Astros (.439 winning percentage).