Monday, April 3, 2017

Pre-Season Predictions Can Be Very Fickle Things

2013 FenwayNation Poll Results
On Tuck Day in January of 2013, we asked our FenwayNation readers where that edition of The Carmine Hose would finish. A 'lusty' 8% said they'd win the AL East. Not only did they accomplish that, The Bearded Wonders went on to capture the franchise's 8th World Series Championship. The pre-season after we won it all in 2013, FenwayNation predicted that the Tampa Bay Rays would win the AL East and the Red Sox would qualify for a Wild Card berth. Of course, the Orioles ran away with the division in 2014—with Boston finishing dead last. The point is: you can't always place much emphasis on pre-season predictions. So, all the hoopla about the Red Sox being a lock for the World Series should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt—in fact, a whole crate of Morton's.