Thursday, April 27, 2017

Lock Up The Scissors: Sox 'Fail Sale' Again, Lose, 3-0

(AP Photo)
The Raiders Of The Lost Offense are back again. Shut out in three of their last seven games, the Red Sox cannot convert high OPB and batting averages into runs—thus, they are on the verge of being a .500 ball club (11-10 as of tonight's 3-0 shutout loss). Boston mustered just three hits, while their ace pitched his heart out. Chris Sale went eight innings, giving up just two earned runs on six hits—while striking out ten and walking none. The slim lefty's ERA is 1.19, yet he is 1-2. This team that was supposed to contend is barely ahead of the pathetic Rays. Look for some personnel changes soon—both on the field and off—if this tailspin toward oblivion continues much longer. Tonight's loss was a sprightly 2 hours and 21 minutes—the only good thing.