Friday, April 28, 2017

Are Offense-Free Red Sox Able To Put Butts In Seats?

What's wrong with this picture? We'll tell you what: your punch-less 2017 Carmine Hose can't even sell out a series with the star-studded World Series Champion Cubs. Jon Lester, Anthony Rizzo, and Theo Epstein are all back in town with rings in tow—yet they're advertising "available tickets" on the morning of Game One? Clearly, with back-to-back non-sellouts against The Evil Empire (around 32,000 on Wednesday and 34,000 on Thursday) and the prospect of the same in the Cubs series, the NOG (New Ownership Group) has to be worried. They're spending a crapload of cash on this squad—and the expectations were for them to be meeting these same Cubbies in the World Series. Not the way these guys are hitting! They can talk all they want about "The Papi Void", but the bottom line is these are professionals—and, by the way, the Red Sox seemed to fare pretty well in the Post-Manny Ramirez Era. The talent is here, they need to be jump-started to reality. If that jump-start doesn't translate into contention, heads will roll. Count on it.