Thursday, March 30, 2017

Even In Jersey, The Sox Are Seen As Division Champs

Joe Giglio of probably didn't control the headline to his story on the AL East. It read, "Can Yankees steal division from fragile Red Sox?". This pipe-dream of hardcore Yankee fans could not really be supported by any evidence—so Giglio picked The Carmine Hose to win the division. In fact, he places The Pinstriped Posers in third position—behind the Toronto Blue Jays. The Orioles and Rays finish out his projection for the AL East. Said Giglio: "This Red Sox team is talented, but very vulnerable. No David Ortiz. Injuries and lack of depth throughout the pitching staff. Reliance on young hitters to carry the way. A suddenly depleted farm system and the weight of expectations. Yet, I’m still taking them to win the division—but this will be closer than Vegas thought at the start of spring training." Hmm. Maybe. While it's true that Boston's injured pitching staff and absence of Big Papi make them shaky, they are still the class of the division. And, even people in New Jersey have to acknowledge it.