Thursday, December 8, 2016

Today Is The Thirty-Fourth Birthday Of Alfredo Aceves

My Buddy Alfredo (FenwayNation Photo)
The trade for Chris Sale had some wags talking about how the new Sox lefty will bring a needed "edge" to the team. Of course, "edge" can mean anything from an aggressive competitiveness to outright wackiness. Last year's incident that saw Sale cut to shreds all of his team's 'throw-back' jerseys kind of falls into the latter category. All of which reminds us that today is the 34th birthday of one Alfredo Aceves. Now we're talking wacky. Some of the staff of FenwayNation will never forget the day in Pittsburgh when we encountered Aceves sitting alone at a hotel restaurant table—staring off into the void. It goes without saying that we did not approach him for an autograph. I was brave enough, however, to eventually approach him for a photo outside Fenway. Now, Alfredo was—at times—a very good performer for The Carmine Hose. In his three years in Boston he was a more than respectable 16-13 with a 3.94 ERA. Happy birthday, Alfredo!