Thursday, December 1, 2016

Red Sox Showing Strong Interest In Old Pal Mike Napoli

(Getty Images)
Now that Major League Baseball has a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place (sort of), there is no longer any excuse for inaction on the part of Dave Dombrowski. While he is already out of the Edwin Encarnación hunt, multiple reports suggest he's hot for old buddy Mike Napoli. Nap had one of his best seasons in 2016—helping The Tribe get to Game Seven of the World Series. As we all recall, he was one of the most popular of the 'Bearded Wonders' who delivered us a World Championship in 2013. Most pundits surmise that Napoli could be slotted in at his old first base post (where he did very well for us)—allowing Hanley Ramirez to become the new DH. Sounds like a plan.