Monday, December 12, 2016

Is The Red Sox-Evil Empire Feud About To Re-Emerge?

Dombrowski (L); Cashman (R)
In the old days, when the Yankees would make a big move, the Red Sox felt compelled to (and often did) respond in kind. Occasionally, The Carmine Hose over-reacted and made a bad move. But it was almost always in this sequence—New York first, Boston second. This year, however, it was the Red Sox who scooped the national limelight with a tri-fecta of moves at the Winter Meetings—Chris Sale, Tyler Thornburg, Mitch Moreland—and The Evil Ones who responded with a 5-year pact with Aroldis Chapman. On top of all this, Yankee GM Brian Cashman has been tweaking the Red Sox with comparisons to the Golden State Warriors. Dave Dombrowski has swatted down those comparisons (even though Steph Curry is a big Red Sox fan), and the two have carried on a spirited repartee'. But, according to Dombrowski, Cashman told him, "I’m going to say this every single day. You’re going to read about this every single day." Get ready, The Rumble is back!