Monday, November 28, 2016

Yes, You Too Can Toil In The Bowels Of Fenway Park

OK, tell the truth. How many times have you thought: "Hey, I can figure stuff out just as well as those geeks at Fenway"? Well, now you can put your regression analyses where your mouth is. The Red Sox are posting a job opportunity for a “Baseball Operations Analyst”—with a specialty in pitch tracking. Think of it! You can be vastly underpaid to toil over incredibly boring printouts in the basement warrens of 105-year old Fenway Park. As long as you have the following (among many other) demonstrable skills: a "bachelor’s degree in an analytic field such as statistics, engineering, applied math, physics, quantitative social sciences, computer science, or operations research"; "demonstrated experience with pitch data analysis and pitch-level datasets (e.g., PITCHf/x or TrackMan)"; and "ability to work evening, weekend, and holiday hours." Well, that last one is a deal-breaker for all of us here at FenwayNation. It's too bad, because we do have a lot of Pac-Man experience. What? Oh, TrackMan. Never mind.