Wednesday, November 30, 2016

REPORT: Red Sox Want Free-Agent Carlos Beltran 'Badly'

Carlos Beltran
After pulling out of the Edwin Encarnación sweepstakes, it looks like Dave Dombrowski is really hot after soon-to-be 40-year-old Carlos Beltran. According to's Scott Lauber, the Red Sox have been portrayed as wanting Beltran "badly". Of course, other teams are also lusting after the switch-hitter, including The Evil Ones and the Houston Astros. Beltran has averaged 21 HRs over the last three years—and also has the up-side of still being able to play the outfield occasionally. On another front, Boston has also reportedly been "in touch" with old friend and free-agent Mike Napoli. Stay tuned for lots of action once the Collective Bargaining Agreement (and its salary guidelines) are finalized. Until then, 'DD' seems unable to do anything.