Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Red Sox Are 'Not Serious' About Edwin Encarnación

Encarnación (L); Beltran (R)
Presumably, he would be a perfect fit to replace retiring David Ortiz—but multiple reports indicate that the Red Sox are "not serious" about pursuing free-agent slugger Edwin Encarnación. Instead, top-honcho Dave Dombrowski is lusting after (wait for it) 40-year old Carlos Beltran and alternate 'cheapo option' Kendrys Morales. What, John Henry's 'wicked-deep' pockets aren't quite deep enough? Spare me the "lefty/switch-hitter" baloney—their lineup isn't that right-heavy. This is just the NOG (after raising ticket prices for fans) being unwilling to spend to make the 2017 better. Period.