Tuesday, November 1, 2016

At Least Boston Is Safest City In Zombie Apocalypse

We may have 'spit the bit' in the 2016 MLB Playoffs, but at least Boston holds one critical distinction over other U.S. cities. According to The Economist, our beloved hometown is officially the city that provides the best protection from a zombie invasion. And, making things even better, Baghdad-On-The-Hudson ranks dead last (so to speak) on the 'safe from zombies' list. But, frankly, did you really need The Economist to tell you that? The full study (by CareerBuilder.com), places Boston at the top of the list of 53 U.S. cities tested—with a total score of 48.33. Kansas City and Salt Lake City come in second and third, respectively—but, come on, would you really want to live in either of those dismal places? New York's last-place total score of 8.69 suggests that—while it might be good for thin-crust pizza and bagels—it's the last place you want to be to fend off blood-thirsty reanimated human corpses.