Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tribe Win Reminds Us Of Dumb Home-Field Formula

With the Indians first win in the World Series, it brought to mind again how utterly dumb it is that we award World Series home-field advantage via a single exhibition game in July. For a long time, we have advocated for a far more representative way to decide the issue. First, we already have at least one cross-league game played every day. That creates a pretty big sample size—roughly 300 games in 2016. As it happens, the AL—once again—whupped the NL's butt this year—winning about 56% of the contests. In fact, the AL has had the clear advantage since 2004. So, here's how it should work: whichever league wins the season-long inter-league schedule gets home field advantage in the World Series. Simple. Each inter-league game takes on more meaning. And the All-Star Game can go back to being what it should be: a pure exhibition of baseball talent. Earth to Rob Manfred!