Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sox Head Into Off-Season 'GM-Free', Appoint Romero

Eddie Romero
In case you had any delusions about who's in charge in the Red Sox front office, this bit of news should straighten you out. The tram announced the appointment of Eddie Romero as assistant general manager—to go along with their other assistant general manager Brian O'Halloran. Get it? Romero is in his 11th year in the organization, moving up from vice president of international scouting. Reportedly, he was instrumental is the signing of #1 MLB prospect Yoan Moncada. So, with no actual General Manager, the S.S. Carmine Hose is solely under the captaincy of one David Dombrowski. The next few weeks will tell whther that leadership takes on a Captain Queeg-like feel—as bodies continue to flee Yawkey Way for sunny Arizona. Stay tuned!