Thursday, October 6, 2016

MLB Offered Red Sox Chance To Rescind Pomeranz Deal

(USAToday Sports)
Commissioner Rob Manfred has made it clear that Major League Baseball offered the Red Sox a chance to rescind the trade for Drew Pomeranz—once it was revealed that the Padres had withheld key health information on the lefty. Inexplicably, Boston turned down the offer—which would have reclaimed top pitching prospect Anderson Espoinza, Said Manfred, "We offered, early on, the Red Sox the opportunity to seek rescission of the trade. For good baseball reasons - the biggest one being that we were past the trading deadline -- they elected not to seek rescission. Once that happens, the rule in baseball has always been that we do not reconfigure trades. Why is that? Every institution has limitations. Once a player is moved, playing for another franchise, his physical situation may resolve. And even if you can figure that out, we're not institutionally capable of deciding who would have traded what for what -- even in retrospect. That's why we have the rescission rule in the first place.''