Thursday, October 6, 2016

Kimbrel Says He's 'Fixed' Mechanical Delivery Issue

(Getty Images)
Hopefully, Craig Kimbrel knows what he's talking about. The Red Sox closer—who imploded in his last three regular season outings—thinks he's found and fixed a mechanical flaw in his delivery that was causing him problems. Every Boston fan from Brookline to Bangladesh is betting his or her bottle of Rolaids that he's right. Watching Kimbrel at the end of the season (when he walked six of the final thirteen batters he faced) was like simultaneously undergoing a root canal and a proctological exam. Here's what Kimbrel says, "I'm working on little things and working on my momentum toward the plate. Just trying to get my foot down and trust in where the ball is going. I felt like I was cutting it a little bit. Hopefully that's behind me now. The bullpen has been good the last few days. I felt really good and ready to go. It's not the first time I've had that problem. It's not really that hard of a fix. I feel like we've got it taken care of." Uh-huh. We shall see—starting tonight.