Sunday, October 2, 2016

Kimbrel Hands Tribe ALDS Home Field, Sox Lose, 4-3

(AP Photo)
The real question is: Can Craig Kimbrel be trusted with the 9th inning? Recent experience says: "No!". Also, could it be that the crack Red Sox medical staff brought Kimbrel back way too soon from his knee injury? Again, these questions have to be asked. And, answers need to be given. After his cardiac "save" on Friday night, Kimbrel walked the lead-off hitter yesterday, wild-pitched hm to third (after a sacrifice got him to second), and allowed a sacrifice fly for the game-winner. Result: a critical 4-3 loss and the yielding of second-best record status (and home field advantage in the ALDS) to Cleveland. Ironically, Eduardo Rodriguez pitched pretty well—giving up just three hits across five innings. The bullpen was clean—until Kimbrel in the ninth. Chris Young knocked in 2 runs in the first inning, and the 3rd run was balked in. Bad loss and a damaged closer.