Saturday, October 8, 2016

Clay Buchholz Poised For Lifetime Redemption Sunday

The Redeemer?
If Clay Buchholz pitches like he has lately and keeps the Red Sox alive in the ALDS on Sunday afternoon, he will buy a fan 'mulligan' for the rest of his days. We will forget the dazed looks, the maddening inconsistencies, hell, even the stolen laptops. He will be the new "ace" in the run toward Ring Number Nine—temporarily displacing the failed Rick Porcello and David Price. We are a fickle fan base—but if you come through for us, you are instantly a demi-god. Of course, the dormant offense needs to awaken and support any good starting pitching performance by Clay, but it will primarily be on his shoulders tomorrow afternoon (4PM ET, TBS). Appointment television—or, for some of us, a personal grandstand view. Hey, don't hate us for forking over thousands to get to see the post-season!