Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"YoMo" Moncada Benched, Shaw Starting Wednesday

(AP Photo)
After Yoan "YoMo" Moncada struck out seven straight times in San Diego, the Red Sox decided to give him a breather and sit him in favor of Travis Shaw on Wednesday night. While early results from Moncada were extremely promising (4-9 to start his MLB career), pitchers quickly found his vulnerability to off-speed stuff. Hence, the strikeout barrage. Both David Ortiz and Dave Dombrowski have tried to keep the benching in perspective and not destroy the kid's ego. Moncada said Ortiz told him the following, "He just told me that, first of all, that happened to him when he first broke into the league, he struck out four times in one game. And that the game’s not easy, it’s a process and to just stay focused on getting better and playing my game."