Monday, September 12, 2016

Travis Shaw Maintains Locker Shrine To Shane Victorino

(AP Photo)
Red Sox fans will never forget the incredible contributions made by Shane Victorino to the 2013 World Series Championship. Injured most of the season, "The Flyin' Hawaiian" had at least two huge hits in that postseason—a go-head 'Salami' in Game 6 Of the ALCS against the Tigers and a bases-clearing double in Game 6 of the World Series against the Cardinals. Now, we learn that Travis Shaw—who inherited Victorino's Fenway locker—refuses to order a new locker door. Why? So Shane's legacy—and his tons of iconic stickers—can live on in Red Sox history. Said Shaw on his Twitter account, "Was asked if I wanted a new door @ShaneVictorino. No chance,your legacy will continue on! #3littlebirds #RedSox #aloha". Nice move!