Monday, September 12, 2016

Tonight Is (Partly) Why The Red Sox Got David Price

Price Needs To Come Up Big Tonight
The Red Sox face off against The Birds Of Baltimore tonight in the first of seven crucial AL East battles over the next week at Fenway. David Price—the ostensible "ace" we acquired over the Winter—is starting tonight against a former Carmine Hoser, Wade Miley. While it's not a "must-win" contest, it could be a defining "message" game that would put the O's in a bad spot right off the bat. Aces like Price are supposed to rise to the occasion for such games—it's part of the reason we went out and got him. Of course, Price has had his struggles in the post-season, so it's almost like tonight's game looms even bigger than it really should. Price needs to definitively shut down the Orioles—and make a statement for himself, his season and (most importantly) the team.