Thursday, September 15, 2016

Shutout-Palooza: Sox Offense Takes Night Off In 1-0 Loss

(AP Photo)
How does the MLB's most prolific offense go silent for two and three-game stretches. That is the true mystery of the 2016 Red Sox. Sure, great pitching performances will always shut down bats—but this is ridiculous. Last night, Boston was shutout by the Birds of Baltimore, 1-0. That's a goose-egg, that's nada—zip. And another thing, we don't know if you've noticed, but your Carmine Hose must hold the record for weak pop-ups in a two-game span. It seems like each player has pathetically popped out at least once against O's pitching. What's going on? Anyway, the loss negated a brilliant outing by Rick Porcello and reduced Boston''s lead in the AL East to one slim game. And, here come The Evil Ones.