Friday, September 23, 2016

Orioles Come Up With Best Gift Idea For David Ortiz

No silly surfboards. No dorky cowboy hats. And, no, the Orioles did not give David Ortiz crabs (you'll pardon the expression). Instead, Baltimore gave Big Papi the most fitting gift of all: the remnants of the dugout phone he eviscerated in 2013. Brilliant. You have to believe that former Red Sox (and current Oriole) GM Dan Duquette had something to do with the idea. This long and winding road to retirement for Ortiz has been strewn with lots of good-intentioned goofiness. But, Baltimore, you came through in the clutch. And, considering that the classless Tampa organization isn't doing anything at all for Ortiz (except a dumb highlight video), the phone thing is pretty cool. Although, come to think of it, the real gift from the Orioles may have been dropping those four straight games at Camden Yards.