Friday, August 12, 2016

Playoffs? Sox In Five-Way Dogfight For 2nd Wild Card

Suddenly, your 2016 Carmine Hose are in a five-way race for the Second American League Wild Card spot. Say what? This early-season juggernaut—with legit MVP candidates and a Cy Young contender—is clinging to a playoff berth by its fingernails? Yup. As of this morning, Boston is a half-game up on its nearest rival (the Tigers), with Seattle just one game out. The Astros are only two out and (throw-up in your mouth alert) The Bronx Embalmers are just 3.5 games back. If The Evil Ones win it all this year, they'll have to give a ring to the Fenway Park light stanchion. With just 49 games left, the Red Sox are now on pace to win just 87 games—hardly a guaranteed ticket to October. It might be prudent to wait until the last possible moment to send in your check for post-season tickets.