Sunday, August 14, 2016

Another 'Mookie-Palooza' Propels Red Sox To 16-2 Romp

(AP Photo)
If you're Dustin Pedroia and you collect five hits or Rick Porcello and you go seven strong innings, you think you'd be Star Of The Game. Not with Mookie Betts on the field! The Mook-Meister went 4-6, with three HRs, eight RBIs and four runs scored is a season-defining performance. Pedroia became the franchise leader in five-hit games (5) and Porcello gave up just one run for his 16th victory—but it was The Mookie Show all day long. Jackie Bradley, Jr. also had a HR and three RBIs, while Andrew Benintendi went 2-4 with an RBI. Hanley Ramirez got in on the fun with three hits and an RBI. This 16-2 rout was a laugher almost from the start and is a good send off for the team's 11-game road trip.