Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Three Deals The Red Sox Might Make Before Monday

Let's hope Red Sox honcho Dave Dombrowski does not read TheScore.com. Why? Well, one of their writers is urging 'Double D' to make one of three "big" deals. In our view all but one stinks.

Stinker #1: Red Sox get: Chris Sale; White Sox get: Yoan Moncada, Andrew Benintendi, Michael 'Mr. 105 MPH' Kopech, Austin Rei and Travis Shaw. What is this guy smoking? Five players—including the #1 prospect in all of major league baseball—for one starting pitcher (albeit a really good one)? In the immortal words of Dana Carvey (channelling George Herbert Walker Bush): "Na Gaa Happen".

Stinker #2: Red Sox get: Andrew Miller; Evil Ones get: Rafael Devers, Brian Johnson and Trey Ball. This writer cannot possibly live anywhere east of the Connecticut River. If he did, he would realize that sending a potential Brooks Robinson/Mike Schmidt type third baseman to the Bronx—torturing us for the next 15 years—is not a possibility.

Marginally Possible Trade #3: Red Sox get: Jonathan Lucroy; Brew Crew get: Andrew Benintendi, Blake Swihart and Deven Marrero. First of all, this writer misspells Marrero's first name as "Devin". There's your first clue as to his understanding of Boston baseball. Anyway, we would at least consider this deal. It would be a gut-check to give up Benintendi (who could someday approach Yaz-like status), but it might be worth it to get an All-Star-caliber catcher who can play elite defense and hit.

Bottom line: Reject the first two, consider the third.