Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dave Dombrowski Won't "Eliot Ness" The Trade Deadline

Ness (L); Dombrowski (R)
Red Sox chief honcho Dave Dombrowski had a message for the media yesterday: "Nobody is untouchable". That's right, Eliot Ness is not walking out that clubhouse door before the July 31st trading deadline. In the midst of admitting that he'd received five trade proposals on Monday, Dombrowski said this about the "untouchable" idea, "No, I've never really used that phrase. Let's just say you have an All-Star player. He's a very good player. If somebody offers you four All-Star players for him, you're going to trade that guy most likely. But the reality is, what are you asking? In reality, you would listen, and I don't mean that on any particular player because some contribute much more than others. The reality is that's why I never use that label. I think you've got to be open-minded to listen to what's out there. I think that's very important." So, does this mean that Yoan Moncada and/or Andrew Benintendi are headed out of town? We sincerely hope not!