Thursday, July 14, 2016

MLB May Charge Ortiz With 'Tampering' On Encarnacion

Ortiz (L); Encarnacion (R)
Want a baseball analogy to 'DeflateGate'? Look no further than the vacuous "investigation" by MLB into possible "tampering" by David Ortiz over his Edwin Encarnacion comments. Multiple reports now suggest that the league will "look into" allegations that Ortiz went over the line in his All-Star Game comments. Here is exactly what he said, "The Red Sox know also they need to bring a force in the middle of the lineup. And sorry, Blue Jays, but who better than Encarnacion to do that?" Seriously? Tampering? Hey, Commissioner Manfred, how about focusing instead on tracking down the remaining PED cheats in the game and banning them for five years?