Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fenway Franks Top Them All On National Hot Dog Day

There are many things to grouse about when considering 104-year old Fenway Park—but the quality of the park's hot dogs is not one of them. In fact, as the nation celebrates National Hot Dog Day, it's appropriate to "weigh in" (so to speak) on the relative merits of ballpark wieners. The FenwayNation staff has visited multiple MLB venues—from AT&T Park and SAFECO out West to Camden Yards and Nationals Park in the East to Progressive Field and Comiskey Park (better known by President Obama as 'Cominskey' Park) in the Midwest. Without a doubt the best quality hot dogs are our very own Fenway Franks—boiled to porcine perfection and not over-grilled in grease. Speaking of over-grilled in grease, the absolute worst dogs in baseball can be had at The Concrete Bunker On 161st Street. There, you get a dried-out, Saran Wrap-encased monstrosity that is almost inedible. Interestingly, the most expensive stadium dogs are in Flushing—where Mets fans shell out $6.25 for a red-hot. Cincinnati Reds fans get the best wiener bargain at $1.