Friday, July 8, 2016

Fan Seeks Movement To Encourage MLB Player Hustle

Rich Gallagher of has an interesting idea. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a grassroots fan movement to encourage MLB players to hustle on the diamond? You know, like running out ground balls or busting it going from first to third on a hit. Be honest, how many times have you cursed those guys—on our team and others—who just don't look like they give a damn? Gallagher's solution is to use social media to call out the slackers. For example, the next time you see a guy jogging down the first base line with the bat in his hand on a ground ball, you highlight it with hashtag #RunItOut—preferably with the player's Twitter or other social media handle affixed as well. Says Gallagher, "I think it’d be cool to get an organic sports 'movement' going behind this concept in the second half of the season and see where it goes. It’d be a great nudge for the game." Indeed it would! You can even buy one of Rich's t-shirts HERE.