Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Don Orsillo Still Miffed At How Sox Handled His Firing

Orsillo (L); Werner (R)
With the All-Star Game in San Diego, Boston media types were given an opportunity to chat with the Padres broadcaster—you know, some guy named Don Orsillo. The Boston Herald's Steve Buckley did just that and found that Orsillo is still 'wicked pissed' at the way the Red Sox (and particularly Tom Werner) handled his firing from NESN. You remember Werner don't you? He's the same guy that gave us The Cosby Showbut, he also gave us Roseanne and The Oxygen Network (yeesh!). Anyway, here's what Orsillo said about Werner's handling of the situation, "He never called me, he never talked to me. The last six weeks of the season he never reached out to me, called me, talked to me, or told me why. I was only told what I read in your (Buckley's) article. And that’s been my standard line from day one. And there was the press release. It said ‘thanks for your service’ on the last line, or something like that." How insensitive of the otherwise hyper-politically-correct NOG (New Ownership Group). Maybe if Orisllo had brought kale to lunch more often, he's still be here.