Tuesday, May 31, 2016

FanGraphs: Are Sox Logical Trade Spot For Greinke?

(AP Photo)
Here's the scenario. One team—the D'Backs—shelled out megabucks for Zack Greinke this past winter. So far, to put it mildly, he's been under-whelming (6-3, 4.71 ERA). Of course, on the Red Sox, that would be the third-best starter ERA. Greinke is signed through 2021 (6 yrs/$206.5M), but as FanGraphs.com points out, "...the D’Backs would remain responsible for the $18 million signing bonus, and because of the deferred salary, the calculated value of his future salaries is more like $160 million." And, trading for Greinke now would obviously not cost the Red Sox a draft pick. Trust us, John Henry can afford this. OK, the other team—your Carmine Hose—just demoted Clay Buchholz to the bullpen, can't really count on Joe 'Mr. Inconsistency' Kelly and have no clue whether Eduardo Rodriguez will be as good as he was in 2015. Enter Greinke—who, paired with David Pricewould offer a powerful tandem at the top of the Boston rotation. There really aren't any other elite starters available in a trade—at any price. Buchholz and some prospects would probably go back to Arizona—depending on how much money the Red Sox would be willing to eat. Hey, why not?