Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Boston-Based 'FanZcall' App Offers Interactive Play

FanZcall, a Boston-based company, has introduced a new app that allows fans to make interactive predictions on baseball games. In the company's press release today, they explain the app as follows, "Now you can turn your bold prediction into “FanZpoints” with every major league at-bat for your favorite teams. The FanZcall app (now available on iOS and Android) turns fantasy baseball into reality and can give you ultimate bragging rights over your friends." FanZcall's founder and CEO Anton Khinchuk got the idea when watching his kids play "Angry Birds" rather than watch live baseball at Fenway Park. The app is free to download and should offer an interesting alternative to watching pitching changes, replay challenges and mound visits. You can find out more information at fanzcall.com.